Alarm Notifications come in 3x

Almost all of our alarms are paged out to the contacts 3 times. I can see some very slight differences in the notifications which are the result of various changes we have made over the last few weeks to how the tags are paged. Ex. change in subject line, etc. The tag path is identical for all 3.
We have done several tag imports/exports as we were trying to get the alarming to work as desired and it appears there are various versions of the same tags in the system, is this possible?
How can i resolve?

Yes this is possible, depending on if your removing the old tags or if your accidentally importing duplicates. You can remove the duplicate tags your not using. If you still have multiple tags and alert notifications appearing you can delete the alarm cache. Do this by stopping the Ignition service, then navigate to C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data and delete the .alerts file. The Ignition service must be stopped before doing this.

Thanks for the response but this did not resolve.
I exported the tags and did a search to confirm we didn’t physiacally end up with duplicates and we do not. i then went trough the steps to delete the .alerts file after stopping the service. then restarted.
Just got a few alarms and each one still in triplicate.
One is how is currently defined and two are older vesrions (and look identical to each other), the tag path is the same for all 3.
one thing strange is i looked back in the data folder and .alerts file has not been recreated.
Any other thoughts?

The .alerts will recreate itself, if I remember right it will recreate when the service is stopped again. Another way to get rid of these tags is by deleting them from the internal database. You would do this from the raw settings viewer in the gateway console. You will want to exercise extreme caution when doing this. Once in the raw settings viewer, select the SQLTAGS link on the right hand side and then select the execute button back at the top. This will query the internal DB. Look and see if the duplicates are in there. Once you find them run a delete query back at the top to delete the duplicates. Make sure you check and recheck your query before you run it so you dont blow out all your SQL Tags.

I was able to see duplicates in the SQLTags database.
i acquired the “tagcleanup” utility from TechSupport which worked great in
removing all but the latest version of all tags.
Thanks for your help.

Awesome, glad to hear that it worked for you! :thumb_left: