Alarm on Master gateway unavailable

Hi all,

Just set up a backup server for my Ignition project, and configured an alarm on the IsConnected tag of the backup server. So, if my backup server goes down, operators will get an alarm about it. I’d like to do the same for the master server - I’ve tested and can see that when the failover happens there’s a notification that control has been transferred to the backup - but once that goes away, the operators are none the wiser as to whether the master is still down or not. I’ve had a look through the remaining tags in the Redundancy folder, and I’m guessing I’ll need to use the IsActive, IsMaster, and/or Role tags to determine the status of my master gateway. I just can’t find any specific documentation on what state each of those tags will be in if the master server fails, only references to using them. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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@ASF Have you ever figured it out?