Alarm - OPC Based Message

I am trying to display a message that resides in a OPC tag as part of an alarm element. I have tried to bind to the Label property and Notes without any success. The best I have been able to achieve so far is getting my OPC tag path to display as a STRING using UDT parameters, but unable to pull the actual value from the OPC tag.

I should have the ability to bind to a OPC tag value here, correct?
Syntax issue?

Also…i am trying to set this up as part of a UDT. UDT has two element: .alarm and . description.
.alarm is a boolean…true when alarm active
.description contains the alarm description to be displayed.

Image below references a direct tag value. Ideally using UDT parameters for referencing.

I am looking to do the same thing. Any solutions found on this?

Have you tried adding .value at the end? .value is used to get the value of a tag. Assuming your OPC path you want to bind is a string type tag.