Alarm Pipeline Active Pipeline vs Clear Pipeline

I’m not sure if this is a bug or i’m missing something here.
I have setup an notification for active pipeline email notification as repeated alarm every one hour and clear pipeline with one time email notification.
However when the tag value is clear i’m still getting repeated alarm every one hour, irrespective of selected pipeline.

If you look at your pipeline properties, what are your dropout conditions set to for your “SystemAlarmsRepeat” pipeline? If your getting an email every hour even when cleared, that points to your repeat pipeline. I would assume you don’t have your dropout conditions set properly causing it to keep the pipeline running even after the alarm is cleared.

This is current config on “SystemAlarmsRepeat” and “SystemAlarms”. Is there any mistake?

I would think you would want “Cleared” checked on your “SystemAlarmsRepeat”. By what your describing, when it clears you should get one email from your “SystemAlarms” stating that it is clear and nothing after. For that, I believe you need your “Cleared” checked. The way you have it set up currently, you would have to acknowledge the alarm or shelve it to stop the hourly loop. If you don’t do either of those, you should still get your cleared email but nothing has told your original email loop to stop running. I’m assuming that is what’s happening by what you’ve described.