Alarm Pipeline E-mail See all Recipients?


Is it possible to setup the e-mail alarms such that each recipient in the roster sees all of the other people on the e-mail? I’m guessing it will be need to be done with a script block. It seems to send an individual e-mail to each user in a roster by default and I don’t see how to change it.


The only way you could get this to work is by creating some kind of “virtual” user that had every regular user’s email address listed on it.

As of Ignition 8.0.13 you can have CC’s or BCC’s for alarm pipeline emails.

Yes, but this only influences how additional email addresses on the same user are handled, it doesn’t let you send a single bulk email to multiple users.

Ah, good to know. I misunderstood the ticket.

Thanks for your responses Kevin and Kathy. In general, the requirements are that the users are able to see who was e-mailed on the alarm and anyone can “reply all” to the e-mail to figure out who is responding.

I’m wondering if I used system.roster.getRosters to pull users from “RosterA” (if you can pull the contact info out of them), then create the “Meta-user” with contact info from the Rosters with system.user and put the “Meta-user” in “RosterAprime” (a meta-roster) that would be used for the actual notification.

I’m hoping that a simple way to do this could be added to Ignition in the future. It seems like a really handy feature.