Alarm Pipeline Email Notification with Acknowledge Link - Notes

Hi Guys,

I have set up a tag to have an Active, Acknowledge and Clear Pipeline.

The active pipeline sends an email notification with acknowledge link.

Clicking this link takes the user to a webpage that allows them to enter a note and acknowledge the alarm.

Once the alarm is acknowledged, the acknowledge pipeline sends an email notification that the alarm was acknowledged. I have this working fine but I can’t seem to figure out how to include the note in the acknowledge email notification.

I have this in the Message section of the notification block:

Acknowledge note: {notes}

But the {notes} bit doesn’t seem to return anything.

Please help!

Does {ackNotes} work?

Thanks Kevin, that worked!

I can’t find it referenced anywere in the user manual… Should this be included in this section?

Yeah it looks like the Alarm Event Properties table has it listed incorrectly.

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Well, {notes} is also a valid property, it’s just a different property from {ackNotes}, and {ackNotes} is probably the thing you want to get 99% of the time

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