Alarm Pipeline Enable/Disable

We are trying to set up our Dial-Out Alarms in a way that they can be enabled and disabled from buttons on the HMI screens, we still want the alarm to be active at all times but we want to decide whether it goes through the notification pipeline with the click of a button how could we go about only putting this value in the alarm pipeline when it is activated by the button


I realize this is an older post, however we are trying to accomplish this as well. Did you find a solution for this?

This type of logic typically needs to be placed on the Alarm Notification Pipelines itself.


Before the Notification block in the pipeline we would add either a Script or Expression block. For example, with an expression block we can utilize the tag() expression to read the value of a boolean tag when the alarm enters the pipeline. If the boolean tag is then setup to only be True when the users want notifications - we now have a toggle we can use to turn on and off notifications for that pipeline.

Got it.
Ideally we are looking to do this for individual alarms and not just enable/disable the Alarm Notification Pipeline altogether. Hopefully in a manner that would not involve setting up multiple pipelines.

Interesting. It is trickier for specific alarms. I have seen users overwrite the Alarm pipeline properties via scripting to set the alarms to empty pipelines when not desired and then reset them to the proper active pipeline when necessary.

A button with a script could manage most of this with the system.tag.configure() function. The “working with alarms” example on our documentation page would be a good starting point. The script would overwrite the pipeline properties on the alarm to swap the active pipeline name based on if it is enabled/disabled.