Alarm Pipeline Error

Hey all,

Can anyone tell me what this error means? I upgraded the voice notification module to the newest version yesterday and had to restart the master server to get the voice notification module out of fault and now every time a new alarm comes in it doesn’t go through a pipeline, I just get this error. Running Ignition version 7.6.6 in a redundancy setup.

I’m sure that if I restarted the server again this problem would go away but I’d like to know what it is and if I can fix it without restarting the server. Thanks!



It appears that that error will occur when an alarm happens and the alarm notification system thinks that the system isn’t “active”. The main question would be… does the overall system think it’s ‘undecided’, or does the Alarm Pipeline Manager have the wrong state.

I imagine you probably restarted already, and I think that that would indeed clear things up. Do you remember seeing the master report “active” during this time?