Alarm Pipeline is Not Running

I have an alarm configured when it’s a value on 1 become true. I have a simple pipeline tied to it and i’ve done the test alarm pipeline on it. When my alarm goes true, i get these messages in the gateway: “(prov:default:/tag:9231_1/Diagnostics/NoDataLast3Hours:/alm:NoDataLast3HoursAlarm : 1374881140) Registered live event ‘f104dfb8-0449-47d9-a486-685d78cc3de9’, state: Active, Unacknowledged. Outstanding events: 1
(prov:default:/tag:9231_1/Diagnostics/NoDataLast3Hours:/alm:NoDataLast3HoursAlarm) The transition to Active will be marked as an ‘initial event’.”

From these logs, does that mean my alarm pipeline never is called? When i watch the alarm pipeline, it never shows it active. I use the same alarm pipeline with memory tags and the pipeline works for that those tag alarms. In the alarm status table, i see the alarm with all the correct information, the custom message, custom subject, the alarm pipeline etc. but the alarm notification never goes out and i know the alarm pipeline is fine.