Alarm Pipeline - isShelved

I have an alarm pipeline with several checks were I have an expression box with the {isShelved} in it.
I'm experiencing that the pipeline seems to still trigger the notifications that should be stopped while the alarm is shelved.

The pipeline is basically like this

1 - Send first notification - SMS
2 - Delay 5 min
3 - Check if alarm is shelved, if shelved, go to a delay, then check again. If not shelved go to step 4
4 - Send 2nd notification - SMS
5 - Delay 5 min
6 - Check if alarm is shelved, if shelved, go to a delay, then check again. If not shelved go to step 7
7 - Send Notification by SMS and VOIP, then go back to step 5

The pipeline stays active even when the alarm is shelved. This is because I need the pipeline to resume were it was in the pipeline if the alarm is still active after the shelving time is over.

I saw in the patchnotes for Ignition 8.1.25 - RC1 that there were some fixes to the event['isShelved'] in the script block.
Anyone know is this were also an issue in the expression block? And will it also be fixed?

from the RC1 patch notes

Hello Richard_Giske,
Could you possibly give more clarification on what is going on in step 3? Is a script block being used? Some screenshots could help clear this, so we can replicate your architecture on the Alarm Pipeline.

Thank you

Step 3 is using a expression block, to check for {isShelved}

Here's a picture of the pipeline.

  1. Settings some parameters to be used in the message(Could gather all of them in the script block)
  2. Sending the first sms
  3. Initiate the first VoIP calling after 5 minutes, unless its shelved
  4. Send the 2nd sms after 5 minutes, unless it's shelved
  5. Loop which sends sms every 15 minutes to both the onduty and the backup rooster, and calls the onduty and backup operators every 5 minutes.

The alarms are either shelved via an gateway script triggered by an sms, or the Ignition Perspective app via a seperate project.

Hello Richard_Giske,

I tested with the isShelved function and was able to get it to return true and false. The issue may lie somewhere in the configurations. It might be easier to open a support ticket to look deeper into your pipeline configurations.

IA Support:

Updated our system to 8.1.25 now and we'll be running some more tests on the issue.
If we don't get a solution I'll make a support ticket.
Thanks for the feedback