Alarm Pipeline Issue

Ignition 8.1.7

A flood of emails were sent for what appears to be 1 alarm event.

The audit database table shows about 10 emails / minute sent for alarm with one specific event id.

The alarm_events table has only 1 entry with this event id.

Is there something wrong with my pipeline?

There was only one user, with two email addresses, in the “environmental” roster and no users in the other rosters.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Additional Information:

The initial alarm occurred at 00:38:32 and the audit log shows 1 email being sent.

At 00:53:33 the audit log shows 2 emails being sent.

At 01:08:33 the audit log shows 4 emails being sent.

… It appears as if the 2nd splitter is doing exactly what it is supposed to and splitting, again and again, the alarms coming out of the 15 minute delay block.