Alarm pipeline not working

Hello Friends,

I have configured the alarm notification pipeline. When an alarm occurs, it should email a list of users in calculator rosters. In my console pipeline started and then immediately it is retired.
[name=Notify,version=1628925087139] Alarm pipeline started.
[name=Notify,version=1628924568904] Alarm pipeline retired.
[name=Notify,version=1628924568904] Alarm pipeline scheduled to retire.

Also, I could not see any alarms notifications in the gateway webpage - status - alarm pipelines.

Please give me any suggestions as soon as possible?


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Hello. I have a similar problem that I can’t solve with a pitchfork myself

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hi also have same problem i use UDT tag in my project .my problem is when the alarm would trigger alarm is active but not show off alarm pipeline

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I am having the same problem. Anyone know what needs to be done to get around this issue?

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I have the same problem has anyone solved this Issue?!

Has anyone received any feedback on this issue?
I also have the issue where only the first person in a roster is notified. None of the others receive any notifications.
The intention is to have ALL of the people on a roster notified at the same time so that critical issues can be resolved by whomever is in the best proximity..

I don't remember how to resolve this issue. please check your all settings, scripting related alarm pipelines.