Alarm Pipeline Notifcation

I have a custom data type. The way i would like this to work is that datatype has a sub-tag (boolean) named “NotifEn”. If this is true, then the roster I’ve set up will receive an email. If false, they won’t.

I tried making an expression for the name of the pipeline in the alarm properties like so:

if {[.]NotifEn} then “PipeLine” else 0

This didnt work.

I tried making an expression block in the alarm pipline diagram with the expression:

if ( {name}.NotifEn == 1 ) then 1 else 0

which also didnt work. Any help would be great! I’ve tested it and the alarm works if I just set the pipeline name and remove the expression block, but I would like the admin to have the ability to check/ uncheck alarms to send notifications as they see fit. Thanks!

The Active Pipeline property is looking for a string, if I’m not mistaken. Maybe your expression should read

if {[.]NotifEn} then "PipeLine" else ""

instead. If that doesn’t work, you might try creating a pipeline that doesn’t do anything and then use something like this

if {[.]NotifEn} then "PipeLine" else "DoNothingPipeline"

Sorry, I don’t have time to test it right now.