Alarm Pipeline Problem

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem setting up the alarming system. I want to get emails when tags’ values are out of range, I have create a very simple pipeline for this (Start ->Notification Block), I tested it using the “Test pipeline and notification…” in the gateway webpage and I got the test email. I set few tags’ alarms associated with the created pipeline and then I hardcoded the tags’ values in order to test the alarms but I only got 1 notification email for the first tag I configured.

Looking at the gateway’s logs I found the following message:

BlockEvaluationContext The alarm event ‘c8c5c9d5-4642-4849-a036-cecaaec3b3b5’ will be dropped from the pipeline, due to pipeline dropout conditions, cancellation, pipeline conditions, or loop detection.

I’m seeing that message for every tag alarm I configure except the first one, I understand in this case the alert condition was reached but the pipeline is not sending the notification for some reason.

Could you help me with this please?

This is a log for another alert, you will see all the logs’ entry for this particular alert.

19:43:52 BlockEvaluationContext The alarm event ‘7c010697-fbaf-412e-8bfb-56d068c64d8e’ will be dropped from the pipeline, due to pipeline dropout conditions, cancellation, pipeline conditions, or loop detection.
(D) 19:43:52 Manager Processing alarm transition: prov:default:/tag:XXX->Active, id: 7c010697-fbaf-412e-8bfb-56d068c64d8e
(D) 19:43:52 Manager Processing alarm transition: prov:default:/tag:XXX->Finished, id: 8fb7915f-c352-41ae-b585-3ade06a17b2c
(D) 19:43:52 Execution (prov:default:/tag:LAChx4/NivelAltoPileta:/alm:XXX : 1577523475) Finished event ‘8fb7915f-c352-41ae-b585-3ade06a17b2c’. Remaining live events: 1
(D) 19:43:52 Execution (prov:default:/tag:LAChx4/NivelAltoPileta:/alm:XXX : 1577523475) Registered live event ‘7c010697-fbaf-412e-8bfb-56d068c64d8e’, state: Active, Unacknowledged. Outstanding events: 2
(D) 19:43:52 Execution (prov:default:/tag:LAChx4/NivelAltoPileta:/alm:XXX) The transition to Active will be marked as an ‘initial event’.
(D) 19:43:24 StateManager Registering alarm: prov:default:/tag:XXX

Manuel, when testing, it is best to do one thing at a time. So, choose one of the alarms that you are not getting notifications for and trigger it. You can drop an Alarm Status Table component on the screen to make sure that the alarm does go active. Then quickly switch to the Status > Alarm Pipelines page to see if that specific alarm is going through the pipeline. (You may actually want to temporarily add a Delay block before the Notification block, with 5 or 10 seconds delay, just to give you enough time to switch.)

Also, how are you triggering your alarms? From he logs excerpt you posted, it looks like you may be either exceeding the Live Event Limit setting (under Configure > Alarming / General in the Gateway) or testing it by modifying the setpoint instead of modifying the value.

Hi, am struggling mightily with the pipeline to try and get email alarms,

Have made a very basic pipeline, start/notification. made some users and rosters, added alarming on a bit to test it, set the active pipeline in the alarming on the tag, set the notification to the email one I set up with the SMTP profile from the IT guys, then set the alarmactive but nothing happens.

When go to the gateway page and do status of alarm pipelines, it does not show the pipelines in the project, or rather seems to show old ones, seems not to update.

Have also tried the test pipeline from the configure section, which does show the pipelines in the project as they are, but that fails too saying there are no alarms in this pipeline.

Actually, check that there is some progress, when in the pipeline notification test page, and i trigger the alarm active, I do see the display path indicating that perhaps it is trying to execute the notification…

Any help is appreciated.