Alarm Pipeline property


Where can I find the alarm Ack Notification Pipeline property for a tag? I have configured my tag to use an alarm pipeline, but when I expand the tag properties, I don’t see any reference to the pipeline. I want to add a button to disable alarm pipeline only. I was thinking of binding a toggle switch to an expression binding to toggle the value of alarm pipeline between the name of the pipeline and null.

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You should be able to bind the ack pipeline value directly in the tag editor config.
Otherwise you can create a udt param called alarmAckPipeline and use that in your alarm’s pipeline value. You can write to a udt instance’s params using tag.write

So is the binding backward? Each tag alarm can be configured for an alarm notification pipeline. Wouldn’t that make the alarm notification pipeline a tag alarm property like OpcItemPath?

I have a simple view that I want to embed like a widget. The components are indirectly bound to 3 view parameters. There is a fourth parameter (Path) that points to the folder that contains the values used for indirect binding of the other 3.

Let’s say I wanted to disable the alarm instead of disabling the notification. I would add a parameter called AlarmEnable and indirectly bind it to the alarm’s AlarmEvalEnabled property. A toggle bound to this parameter could be used to disable the alarm.

My binding direction is from component to tags or tag properties. I’m not clear how to bind the tag alarm pipeline back to a view parameter and keep the view dynamic like a widget.

If there is a simpler way to disable the alarm notification in a dynamic view, I would appreciate the process.