Alarm pipeline questions

Using Ignition 7.6.3rc1
Was experimenting with the pipelines and ran into a couple of snags or features.

I exported a pipeline to save it with no problem but when I deleted this pipeline and tried to bring it back in via the import function it didn’t work. Import doesn’t seem to do anything but when you go to the tag alarm properties and click on the pipeline to use a bunch of duplicates show up after you use the import function even though nothing shows up in the alarm pipelines design area.

Also what does the folder function in the alarm pipelines do? I set up two different folders and made a loop pipeline under each folder. It allows you to do this but in the alarm properties of a tag there is no way to select a folder to pick which loop to use.


I’ll look into the pipeline import issue.

We just fixed some issues with pipelines that resided in folders for 7.6.3, but I don’t think it has made it into the release candidates yet.

I am having this same problem between 7.7.4 and 7.9.10
Did anybody have a fix for this?