Alarm Pipeline - Send clear notification for shelved alarm

I have an issue where the customer wants the clear notification even if the alarm is currently shelved.
All my clear pipelines have unchecked the dropout conditions for ack/clear /shelved.

I guess that even sending the clear message after the shelved periode is over would be better than nothing.
So I tried adding a expression with "isShelved()" in the clear pipeline, but no success.

Is what the customer is requesting even possible or is the shelved alarm not allowed to enter a new pipeline at all?

Hey Richard_Giske,
The Clear Pipeline property is looking for the name of the pipeline to use when the alarm becomes cleared.

Sorry for a slow reply on this.

I'm not sure what you mean @chaz_cooper, the alarm is configured with a clear pipeline, but the pipeline is not triggered while the alarm is shelved, and when the alarm exits it's shelved state, it does not enter the clear pipeline(because the alarm is no longer active).

So my issue is when the operators get an alarm in the middle of the night
They wakes up, shelve the alarm and starts driving to the site.

If the issue somehow fixes itself shortly after beeing shelved and does not need their attention anymore, they would like to receive the clear alarm, so they can abort and drive back home instead.