Alarm pipeline SMS alarm tag path

I’m trying to send an SMS out with just the alarm source tag path, however my alarms already override the Display Path, so I need to use the source property. The source property however comes with all the other info in the format:
prov:<provider>:/tag:<tagPath>:/alm:<Alarm Name>
I can pull out just the tagPath using a the split function in the expression language:
split('prov:<provider>:/tag:<tagPath>:/alm:<Alarm Name>', ':')[3,0]
however I can’t use expression functions in the SMS message property…

Without binding a custom SMS message to every single alarm tag, how can I just send out the alarm’s tag path?

Dumb dumb. You can use a Set Property block to perform the split function, then use that property within the SMS message.
However, to use the split function on the source (I presume its of type QualifiedPath), you need to wrap it in a toStr:
split(toStr({source}), ':')[3,0]