Alarm Pipeline SMS - Receive textmessage string


I've got a project where I've got the alarm pipeline sending out sms messages to the alarm roosters, and the operators are sending the '%s' acknowledge codes back to acknowledge alarms, that is all working fine.

The issue however, is that the customer is requesting that the operators be able to send Pre defined texts as an answer, for instance "ACK" to Acknowledge all active alarms, or some other codeword to shelf an alarm for a given time, instead of the operator for instance having to send 10x sms'es to acknowledge 10 alarms.

Is this possible? Reading the "non acknowledge default code" as a text string and process that in a gateway script somehow? I
I'm using an Sierra Wireless AirLink LX40.

No, this isn't possible. SMS alarming is not flexible in this way. This would require a custom module and a significant amount of engineering effort.

Appreciate the feedback PGriffith.

So you see no way of setting up a Device Connection to listen to monitor the traffic/messages from the Airlink LX40?
Then filter the data in some way to get the text?

That way is an option.

I manage to sniff out the messages with wireshark, so it shouldn't be too hard to get a hold of(Famous last words).
So I'll work on creating some custom module for this, if the customer is still set in stone on getting it.
Thanks for all the help so far :slight_smile:

The numeric ack code that the Ignition SMS module sends is unique to the recipient. When the alarm is acknowledged the alarm status table and the alarm journal will show who acknowledged the alarm. You would lose that with a generic "ACK" response unless you find some way to get ahold of the operator's phone number in the SMS response.

You can use consolidation to make it easier for the operator to acknowledge a flurry of alarms.