Alarm Pipeline (Stuck)

I have an alarm pipeline that is continuously sending out blank messages. The message I want it to send is on the tag’s alarm properties. It works fine for a while and then quits. On the gateway I get the following:

Cancelling does not change. Right now, I am going to try removing the splitter block and see what happens. Anyone have similar issues? (7.9.3) Thanks.

We have a similar problem that is fixed temporarily by restarting the gateway :anguished:.

We had a whole list of emails stuck in the pipeline, showing “Notifying user xxx” in the status, time in block up to 4 days. Only difference is it didn’t send out anything.

I noticed the note below in the 7.9.4 change log, maybe it was addressed? The change log note seems to specify redundancy installs, which we don’t have on this particular install.