Alarm Pipelines - How to refresh alarm tag values in pipeline

Hi. I want to resend email notifications in an alarm pipeline with the alarm tag value in the Custom Subject after a delay until the alarm clears in the pipeline. I have no trouble getting the emails to resend using the Delay block but noticed that the tag value does not refresh after going into the pipeline.

I am using associated data that points to the tag value and is included in the Custom Subject. I have researched using the Set Property and Script blocks in the pipeline but am not sure how to do this. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.


Can you use a Set Property block for this? In the expression value use the tag() function to re-read the value of the tag, then use that property value in your email.

I tried this but am having trouble getting the property value to update. I used the name of the associated data in the tag for the property name, but it still does not update. I am new to working with properties in the alarm pipelines and am not very sure about some of the syntax. The manual was not very clear to me about this either. Thank you.

Have you tried just using the EventValue property of the alarm in the notification blocks Message Property?

Current Value: {eventValue}.

I’m pretty sure evenValue does’t show the new value, it will show the original value that caused the alarm to be activated.