Alarm Pipelines: Include gateway in alarm notification

I haven’t found a way to include the gateway that the alarm notification came from in an alarm pipeline notification block. All the properties I see are these

The **Main** properties are information about the alarm that are independent of whether the alarm is currently active, clear or acknowledged. The are:

* Display Path
* Display Path or Source
* Name
* Priority
* Source Path

The **State** properties are information about the alarm that change while the alarm is changing, and some of them even change each time the alarm goes from active to clear to ack (acknowledged).

* Ack Time
* Ack'ed By
* Ack'ed By (Name)
* Acked?
* Active Time
* Active?
* Clear Time
* Clear?
* Current State
* Event State
* Event Time
* Event Value
* Is Shelved?


The best way to get the Gateway name into your Alarm Pipelines would be to create a binding on the Alarm Display Path itself. You can add the System->Gateway->SystemName tag to your Display Path in your alarm configuration. Alternatively, in the Pipeline, you can use the “source” parameter as a part of your configuration. However, this will only show the tag provider, not the Gateway name itself. If you need the Gateway name by itself, not as a part of the display path, you could also create an Associated Data parameter in your alarm configuration with a binding referencing the Gateway name, which gets sent to the pipeline with the rest of the Alarm Data.

Ugh, so every tag with an alarm that I want to include the gateway name in the alarm notification is going to need extra configuration. Not ideal, but I guess manageable.