Alarm Pipelines Issue or Bug

Hello, I’ve been working in Ignition 8.1.13 and I had found problem with alarm pipelines.

I created a query tag with a simple alarm (above setpoint of a count in the query) and put in a active pipeline setting a simple pipeline (START → Emaill Notification).

I have an Alarm Status Table in Perspective.
When the alarm is active and I can see that alarm in the Alarm Status Table, the alarm pipeline doesn’t work, isn’t active, doesn’t send the email.

But If i have a memory tag with boolean datatype, with the same settings, when i change the state (1 to 0 or from TRUE to FALSE), the alarm is active in Alarm Status Table and the alarm pipeline works, and sends the email.

I hope you understand my problem…

Look, from Inductive Support help me and the solution is a flag in “General Alarm Settings”:

With that, it worked any setting for alarm pipeline.