Alarm pipline configuration

Is there a way to write to tag on alarm pipline?
Also when I activate alarm, after maybe a minute it drops on its own, even if it is left on.



The pipeline is generic. So to write to a tag would be a little confusing. If you want to automatically clear the alarm condition do that back in the tag setup. My thoughts when I did this for my application.

reason was to turn on a alarm banner.

This is the main screen. When it turns red from having any alarm in that system, it will turn red and they go to that screen.

Also still not sure why alarm drops

looking in user manual, it looks like i can use script to write to tags. but when i use the example it does not work, email notification goes OK, but tag does not change

I have searched all the forum, I believe it might have something to do with path. I tried the following bellow.
Not sure if default is generic and referring to project name.

system.tag.write("[default]SCADA/Fenceline Air Monitors/Fence Line Alarm Banner",true)

[default] is a reference to a particular realtime tag provider. When you’re writing a script in the “client” scope (ie, executed from a button press in a Vision client) you will always be executing that script from within a certain project. Each project, in turn, can define a default tag provider. Somewhat confusingly, the single realtime tag provider that Ignition creates for you is also called default - but there’s nothing actually different about it (if you want to, you can create more realtime tag providers on the gateway webpage).

In the alarm pipeline, you need to specify a tag provider name because tags (and alarms, and alarm pipelines) all execute “globally” - they don’t reside in a particular “project”, and therefore have no default tag provider. So, yes - “qualifying” your tag path with [default] (assuming you’re on a fairly standard installation and haven’t customized your tag providers) should be the correct solution.

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Thank you for the info. But it still does not change the tag to true. So I am not sure what is wrong. I did check the real time tag provider and it had two. System and default. So what else can I check? I am assume that I can see the tag change in the project as I execute the alarm. I know it is working because on the splitter block i have a notification that sends a email and that works.

Consider using system.tag.writeSynchronous() inside a try ... except block, and logging any exception.

You would have to check the Gateway Console for errors: Gateway > Status section > Diagnostics > Logs (alternatively, you could head over to the Alarm Pipelines page under the status section).

Somewhat related, you have a syntax error. The value you’re writing should be True with a capital T (keyword in Python representing a boolean true value).

Ok, not sure what happen but it worked. So what i just noticed is it left it true, any way to make it back to false when alarm drops out ?

tried other script, but I am not sure if there is a way, since pipe line is not active, it will not give script to write it back to false. i guess I might need to do this on on gateway script to write it back to false.