Alarm priority configuration (Indirect tag binding of priority property to make it dynamic)

I have binded alarm props to different tags so that I can make it dynamic and change them directly from the vision screen.

These properties are linked:

Enabled → Linked to a boolean memory tag (Working fine)
Priority → Linked to a string memory tag (Not working)
Setpoint → Linked to integer memory tag (Working fine)

The problem is only with the priority. When I change the value in the string memory tag, it does not change the value in the alarm property.

Whereas I have done similar binding with the enable and setpoint properties of alarm with their memory tags and they are working.

What might be the issue?

The alarm priority there must be an integer as far as I know, as that is an enumeration.

Tag Alarm Properties - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (

The top table indicates the string values:

The bottom indicates the ordinals:

This something that can be cleared up in the docs, as it can currently cause some confusion.

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I tired to pass integers but did not worked. Priority value does not change.

I use an expression binding to integer priorities extensively and it does work. I have tested this with a tag binding and it works.

Keep in mind that the binding does not evaluate continuously and changing the priority has no effect until the alarm transitions to active

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Yes you are right. The priority only changes when the alarm is active. I was able to change the priority with that same string memory tag. Thanks.