Alarm Priority not working in Tag Binding

I cannot seem to get a tag binding to work correctly when looking at the /Alarm.Priority value of a tag.

Tag Path:
[default]10 Fuel Infeed/10-LSH-510/Alm/Alarms/Alarm.Priority

Map Transform:
Input Type: Value = “High”, Output Type: Value = True

Binding Preview:
Tag value = High, Map value = False

Hmm, not sure what is going on here. It appears the priority is really a number, but that doesn’t work in the binding either.
1 = Diagnostic
2 = Low
3 = Medium
4 = High
5 = Critical
The only thing way i could do what you wanted with two bindings, on a label i created a custom binding to the priority with no transform. On the text property i created the transform you have, which worked but i want to say you shouldn’t have to do this.

After a bit more messing about I was able to get this to work but it only seems to work in an Expression Binding.

If ([default]10 Fuel Infeed/10-LSH-510/Alm/Alarms/Alarm.Priority=“High”,True,False)

I “THINK” a regular tag binding doesn’t have access to that level. This is why the expression worked. But I’m really not sure someone else would have to confirm