Alarm Problem_activeAndAched

I have strange problem happens with me today. when i create anew project using “Project template” always give me 3 alarms and when i check the alarms there’s nothing appeared. check attached photo1
But when i make “False” on “activeAndAched” there’s no alarm counting on alarms button.check attached photo 2
i have Ignition Demo setup on other PC every thing is ok.
i don’t know what’s the problem!! . also,what’s meaning of that script

An alarm can have three possible states: active and unacknowledged, active and acknowledged, cleared and unacknowledged, and cleared and acknowledged. If your tag’s alarm is configured to turn off acknowledgement or automatically acknowledge alarms than it will be in the active and acknowledged state. I bet your alarms are configured that way which is why they show up when you check that box.

The reason the property is bound to a runScript expression is because there is no other way to get the count. We don’t have any tags that expose the alarm count for different states.