Alarm proprieties upgrade

i have some problems when change the “notes” description (or other propierties) of an alarm.
If i change something (Notes but also Priority) i cannot see the change in the Alarm Status Table. It necessary to delete the alarming and create again with the right parameters.
Someone know why this happen?

Example: i’ve created Alarm1 with Priority “Low”. I can see this in Alarm status table. If i change in the Alarm Configuration from “Low” to “High” in the Alarm status table remain “Low”. I’ve try to restart the gateway, the designer, the server… everything.
The only solution is delete it and create again but is not so friendly when have a lot of alarm.
Thank you at who will reply.

Sounds like a bug. What version of Ignition? Are you getting any errors in your gateway logs when you make these changes?

Thank you for the reply

Version 7.9.7
If i check correctly any errors in gateway logs.
Could be that is because i use a trial version?

No, trial mode is fine for the alarm subsystem.

After making the change to your notes or priority, has the original alarm been cleared, and was a new alarm generated? If not, then this appears to be working as intended.

Alarms in the Alarm Status Table are a snapshot of the alarm configuration when the alarm went active. Changing the priority of an alarm (or many of the other alarm properties for that matter) while it’s active will not retroactively apply the change to current and past alarm events. However I believe there are two exceptions to this rule:

  • If the name is changed, then a new alarm is created, with whatever settings you’ve also changed
  • If the setpoint configuration changes then the system will re-evaluate the alarm.

Thus, you should see your updated alarm priority or notes the next time that alarm becomes active (or if you change the name of the alarm).

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You’re right!
Not refreshing until remain active.
Soon as i changed the name (or setpoint) or deactivated and activated again, the alarm upgraded itself.
Thank you very much for your help!