Alarm queryStatus activeData Filter by Alarm Pipeline

How can I use the filters available in system.alarm.queryStatus() to filter on alarms that have a specific pipeline in the activeData set?

I want to get a list of all active and acknowledged alarms that have a notification pipeline.

Or, would this filtering need to be done after the fact?

Easy enough to do the filtering with a for loop after I have the list of active acked alarms.

def listAckdALMs():
	#get the list of all acknowledged alarms
	alms = system.alarm.queryStatus(state=["ActiveAcked"])
	#initialize empty list of sources
	sources = []
	#active ack'd alarms count is non-zero
	if alms is not None:
		#for each alarm, get the source path and add it to the list
		for alm in alms:
			if not (alm.activePipeline == ''):
	return sources