Alarm reduction

The ability to group a number of alarms into a single super alarm.

eg: If a sensor fails, I want to know about it. If 100 sensors fail because the power failed, I don’t want 100 alarms to show up, I only want to see 1 - ‘power fail’. I may want to drill down and see the under lying alarms just to remind my self what systems are affected.

I know you can do a lot with filters and different severity levels, but it’s still not the same. Several of those sensor alarms may be critical alarms, but if there are cause by the power fail then I want to know I have to call an electrician not a (insert device) maintain guy.

This is a great idea. Unfortunately I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon - due to the way alarms work it might prove to be tricky to implement. But maybe someday…

I’ll be waiting… :stuck_out_tongue: