Alarm referencing based on device

Hi all,

I need to understand if what I want to do is possible and if so how to accomplish it.

First off I have 5 plc devices and 5 clients on a gateway. Every p\device is paired with a client for fallback client operation at 5 different sites and share the same site name but my issue is with normal gateway operation. There is an overview screen that looks at info from all 5 sites at once. All are in their own section using a template and template repeater. In each site section there is an alarm indicator. I need to drive those indicators based on just the alarms (ActUnAck,ActAck) for the site which section it is in.

I understand how to drive an indicator off the gateway system alarm tags but that would access all alarms across the gateway. How can I differentiate the alarms by site (device)?


I think this video on the Inductive University site is what you’re looking for … e/alarming