Alarm Runtime Properties

Hi All,

Is there a way to bind or reference the alarm properties from the alarm event to a tag?
The following screenshot shows all the available alarm properties for an alarm event.

The reason why I wanted to access the alarm properties is that I wanted to bind the IsShelved to a tag called “Sts_Shelved” under my alarm UDT, and then I can place a tag change script on “Sts_Shelved” which will write to Shelved_Enable tag in the PLC.
To explain further, we handle all the alarm logic in the PLC, and ignition is only displaying the alarm status. Although Ignition handles all the shelving, shelved time, and unshelving, I will need to know when to re-enable the alarm in the PLC. If I can reference the IsShelved alarm property, then I will know the exact moment of when the shelved time is done, and then re-able the alarm evaluation in the PLC.

You should be able to bind to it via a reference tag, e.g.:
IsShelved Example

EDIT: you might need to right-click the GIF above and open-in-new-tab to see in proper resolution…

Thank you very much! I will give it a try.

a follow-up question: This is for Ignition perspective. Is there a way to eliminate the shelving time options and just leave one time when users are shelving the alarms? I tried to delete the shelving time options in the designer and just left one time but the alarm status table seemed to auto-populate the missing options.

Interesting, I also seem to be unable to get modification of the shelvingTimes array to stick after saving (when opening the View back up, the values are back to the defaults like you mention). Thankfully, a workaround exists in the form of setting up a binding to a custom property where you can define your times array.

I’ll look into why those shelvingTimes values aren’t seeming to save right.

I also figured out a way to do it. I essentially set all other options to be private mode except time option 0. And I bind the time option 0 to a tag which will ensure the value is saved.