Alarm send to AD group

Hi together,

I implemented an alarm notification, that is sent, when a special button is pressed.
For this i configurated an alarm profil on the gateway, a new user for me with my email adress and an on-call roster with my user. In Ignition I configured a pipeline and connected this to my button. I works quite fine. But for the next step, this mail should not be sent to me, but to an existing ad group.
I don’t want to add all this people as individual users in a user source.

Is it possible to use a Actice Directory User Source for the Alarming? And is it also possible that this list is dynamic? I want to avoid to change the list in Ignition manually, when a new employee is added to this AD group?


I had this issue long ago, so there might be other solutions now. To get around it, I set up an user in my AD that received the emails. I then set up some forwarding rules on the AD user to forward the alarm emails to various groups.