Alarm Shelf Display by Default

Is there anyway to get the shelved alarm slider to be slid up by default? I’ve tried a few different things but the methods setShowShelve() method did not seem to work. I have also tried:

obj = event.source.parent.getComponent('Alarm Status Table')
obj.setPropertyValue('showManageShelf', True)
obj.setPropertyValue('showShelve', True)

But they return None before I set them and nothing happens when I execute the code. I want the alarm to have the shelf footer displayed by default like in the image below, without the user having to click the shelf icon.


setShowShelve would be called as obj.setShowShelve(True), but all that’s toggling is whether the Shelve button that opens the panel is visible.

I don’t see any good ways to do what you want. Programatically firing the Action that opens the popup panel would be the best solution, but it’s going to be ‘hard’ to access it. You might be able to use Java reflection to access the footer.ackAndShelve.shelve (or maybe .shelveButton) field on the Alarm Status Table class - I’d search through the forum for FieldUtil for an example use. Once you have the action (or button) you can programatically trigger an event.