Alarm Shelved Events

Good Morning,

I'm currently working on an alarm KPI for my project and have been asked to display history of which alarms get shelved and when. When looking at my alarm_events database I see that there are evt:Alarms Shelved events but they have unique eventid's that don't correspond with the actual alarm event that was shelved. I'm guessing this is due to the fact that multiple alarms can be shelved at once. Is there a way I can get the list of alarms that were shelved during each "Alarms Shelved" event? Barring that, would it be possible to perhaps add a new eventtype value for when a particular alarm event gets shelved? I understand that new eventtypes were added in 8.1.18 for alarm enabled and disabled, so it'd be great to have the same functionality for shelved events in the future.

I might have a work-around. I can reference the id of the alarm shelved event in alarm_events to the alarm_event_data table which gets me exactly what I'm looking for: which alarms were shelved and which user shelved the alarms.