Alarm sorting by area

The way our tag structure is built I have found an instance where one particular piece of equipment has it’s tags in a folder under an area that is maintained by by another department. The problem I have is when I built a couple alarms for this area they go to the wrong department. To be more specific there is a water basin with pumps and controls that is not actually maintained by the water operations department, but rather the Mill department. All my alarms are sorted between these to departments by the tag path either H20 or ML. I don’t want to move the folder because it could later become water operations equipment and it is all operational. Is there a way to sort a couple random alarms out so that the mill could see these alarms or should I just make duplicate tags under the ML folder with alarming just for the alarms. I mainly don’t want to create an issue for later down the road and have found changing the tag structure part way through a project can make lots of issues.

The two main filters on the new Alarm Summary component are the Source Filter and the Display Path Filter. The easiest way to do this is to put something in the Display Path Filter that signifies which area an alarm belongs to.

I am using the Source Filter to sort alarms and it works good exept for a few odd ball alarms. I have two separate alarm status tables for two different operation control areas. One has all the alarms that the tag path starts with ML and the other starts with H20. The tags for the degrit water basin were all built under the tag path H2O. The problem is that the people responsible for this equipment are watching the alarms starting with the tag path ML. There are too many tags to just move the folder from the H2O folder to the ML folder to make it easy. That is why I asked if i should just make a duplicate tag for the alarms and put it under the ML folder so they will get the alarm. The problem comes from an area of responsibility that was not totally defined at the time of construction. This equipment was built and installed at the same time we have been building our ignition project.

sorry if this sounds confusing. Thank you.

Yes, you can create a second set of tags so your alarms show up in the ML folder, but if I were doing the project I’d put some phrase in the display path in order to filter on that.