Alarm state changing while inside alarm pipeline

I have an alarm pipeline that is set up to email users when a tag is alarmed. The problem is, the alarm isn’t in the ‘active’ state for very long. What this can mean is, when there are multiple users to email, the pipeline can be so slow that the first user will get an email saying the state is ‘Active’ but the other users will see the state as ‘Cleared’.

I have disabled Pipeline Dropout conditions. I want to know if there is a way to maintain the alarm event state throughout the pipeline. I know some cases you don’t want that (for dropout conditions), but i can also see that many people would simply want to treat the alarm as ‘Active’ throughout the timeline of the Pipeline.

One thing that can be done is to increase the Clear delay in the alarm configuration so that it waits a couple of extra seconds to clear after the clear condition is met.

Ah ok that should do the trick, thanks.

I have the same issues, but a bit different.
it goes like this - I have 6-8 email ids to send email once a alarm is triggered. it takes around 30-60 seconds to send email to all recipient’s. But the alarm will be cleared within 5 seconds of alarm .
so only 1-2 recipient’s receive the the pipeline will be stopped after acknowledgment.
Is there a way to complete the pipeline sending emails to all user even if the alarm is acknowledged.
This situation created another requirement, if another alarm is triggered during the execution of current pipeline ( 30-60 seconds ) it should trigger new pipeline and send email to all recepients.