Alarm State is "Ack" in SMS notification for acknowledged alarms that clear

I’m testing my SMS alarm notification. I was hoping I could include the 3 states in my custom message: Active, Ack and Clear.

I noticed that acknowledged alarms that clear show state “Ack” is the SMS message. Is there some other property (properties) I can look at to determine if an acknowledges alarm clears? I thought I could use the “is Active” and/or “Value” properties but both indicate true is the message when the alarm is acknowledged and when it clears after being acknowledged.

This is my customer message while testing:

+ "Site: " + {[~]siteInfo/projectCode.value}
+ "\n" + "Priority: " + {priority}
+ "\n" + "Alarm: " + {name}
+ "\n" + "State: " + {State}
+ "\n" + "Tag: " + {itemName}
+ "\n" + {Timestamp}
+ "\nEventState Value = " + {Value}
+ "\nIs Active = " + {activeCondition}