Alarm Status and Journal Table Requests

I’m tasked with getting a large existing project moved over to 7.6 to take advantage the alarm notification, which we are really looking forward to. I have noticed that the new controls for the alarms are somewhat limited in certain areas compared to the previous ones. (maybe this is an effort to simplify things) I might be missing something, but this are things we could really use.

For both:

The ability to change the the column heading names. Display Path makes perfect sense to me, but not to end users. Like someone else had mentioned, I think I will need to change all of my display paths to be more user friendly.

Alarm Status Table:

Adding an Ack’ed By Column. Visibility for individual columns, for we don’t use priority much. The ability to put the buttons on the side, for times when you need a summary at the bottom of the page.

Alarm Journal Table:
The ability to hide focus, inspect, change query filter buttons. These are nice features for power users, but could be too much for some end users who are just looking for the basics.
Visibility for individual columns, event value not needed in some cases.


Yes for me too, on that first request.

I also need a date format field in these components. The default 12-hour am/pm time format is a bit unusual for my applications.

+1 date format filed