Alarm status Query


I use the system.alarm.queryStatus function. to get my active alarm and the associated data.
When an associated data has a binding set, the name of the associated data is not returned and i get like a path to get to the binding.
The binding is an expression to calculate an Id. This seems only to affect the associated data.
The label is binding to a tag inside the udt and that one i get it correctly. Every associated data without binding are also returned correctly.

I'm in 8.1.25 installed on a Ubuntu server

Doesn't anyone have an idea on how to return the correct name ?
Thanks in advance


Can you please post a screenshot of your binding? And/or an example?

Hi @Fadil_Shaikh

	data = []
	for Alarm in alarms:
		for Properties in Alarm.getActiveData().getProperties():
	return data

Here you can find the script i use to get the name and value of the associated data.

i found this post telling that after a restart the name come correctly. and that's the case even in 8.1.26. but is you change the binding on the associated data. then it's broke until you execute another gateway restart.


hi @Fadil_Shaikh,

Do you have any update on that behavior ?


Hey @Arnaud_Declerck

Due to the complexity of the action being performed, it is hard to tell why this behavior is happening. I would suggest getting in contact with our support department and creating a ticket to a further look into this.