Alarm status table and liking that to an alarm journal

So I have two questions.

1: I am trying to make my alarm status table invisible and for it only to become visible when an alarm is active.

2: I want my alarm journal to display my alarm when it is acknowledged in my status table.

I am not sure if making my alarm invisible until an alarm is active is possible but if someone could help me get the answer to my question that would be great.

I suppose you could use system.alarm.queryStatus to determine if you have an active alarm and make your status table visible.

Going off @josborn’s answer, you can use an expression binding on the Alarm Status Table’s visible property using something like runScript ('len(system.alarm.queryStatus(state=[2]))', 1000) >0

For your second question, you can use a filter to show only active events:

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The script works great so now my alarm status table goes away when theres no alarm and appears when there is one but my alarms are still not showing up in my alarm journal when i acknowledge them

Have you already set up your Alarm History? This User Manual page can help guide you through that.

Additionally, I would double check your Alarm Journal Table’s settings to make sure only the Acked Events filter is set to true and that you are using the correct Alarm Journal name.