Alarm Status Table: change the icons size

When you change font size for the buttons (ACK and Shelve) in the Alarm Status Table, then the three icons on the bottom right are so small…, especially on the touch screen…
How can we change the icons size too?

You’re going to have a hard time doing this, unfortunately. The buttons that are tied to those actions have specific, hardcoded icons. If you’re already drilling into the component to change the button font size, I’ll skip that step, but you will probably have to do something like:

  1. obtain reference to the UtilityPanel that contains the three buttons
  2. access the viewButton, chartButton, and manageShelfButton.
  3. Pull the “action” out of them with getAction() (more context on what actions are here)
  4. Set a new Action.SMALL_ICON on that action. You’ll need an instance of an Icon - you could import ImageIcon and make a new ImageIcon from an image in image management by using the ImageLoader class.

Thank you for your reply and explanation. But this is a little too much for me…:cold_sweat:
I’m better with some sample code.
Could you…? :pray: