Alarm Status Table Columns

Just wondering how i can change the visible columns in the Alarm Status Tables or Alarm Journal Columns. It currently shows the display path the time stamp the severity and ack/unack i need it to show display path the state name and the time stamp. Any ideas?

Lots of ideas. Some of them are even good ones! :smiley:

In the Property Editor, if you set your filter value to All, you should see all sorts of options. I’m guessing it’s currently set to Basic.

So after further investigation it appears that the new journaling system has two tables linked by an event id. So it looks like i would have to go through my tags and change my display paths under my alarms to include a more detailed description of each alarm. Previously with the old logging i used the names to distinguish the alarms and the display path to distinguish the location. It looks like the legacy logging is still working and that i’ll have to continue to use that for my alarms to log the way i want.

You can still do this. To change the columns displayed, put the designer into preview mode and right-click on the table header. This lets you choose which columns are displayed.


Oh my god, I wish I knew this two weeks ago…

Sorry. For what it’s worth, it is in the user manual for those two components now…

Speaking of the manual. Is there a path to the 7.6 user manual for online access without downloading the pdf? The online manual currently available for access from the support page at “” is embedded with
“© 2012 Inductive Automation
Ignition User Manual

The pdf link for same is “

We are aware of this. The web team is going to update it shortly.