Alarm Status Table - columnsAssociated property

I have some associated data configured on alarm UDTs to store process areas for filtering purposes. I usually try and name these properties using PascalCase to be consistent with the default alarm properties.

When using the Perspective Alarm Status table component, the "columnsAssociated" property allows you to define additional columns to display in the table mapped to associated data fields. From what I can see, the "field" property for a column needs to match the configured associated data property. This makes sense however I end up with "AlmArea" as the heading on the table. I'd like to display "Alarm Area". Is there a way to change the heading text to a readable name rather than using the associated data property name?

Hi brian.mcenulty,

Unfortunately, after testing on my end, I am not seeing a way to successfully change the field name without losing it's ability to reference the Associated Data of your UDT. The property is looking for a string that matches the name of the Associated Data. I would say your best option is to ensure the naming convention for your Associated Data matches the naming convention you are looking for.

Thanks for the confirmation. I'll submit an idea to add a heading configuration property for associated data on this component. The problem I'm trying to avoid is introducing spaces in my associatedData properties for the sake of readability in the alarm status table.