Alarm Status Table component Crashes on Perspective

Hi Community!
We are currently developing a project with one Main Gateway and a remote Ignition Edge. The Edge is providing all its tags to the main gateway and with perspective we created some views. Since we can not use Tags from an external Tag provider on the Alarm Pipeline, we created Derived Tags on Main Gateway so that they mirror the Edge Tags providers we want to have alarms on.

Everything works fine and smooth until we added the Alarm Status Table. For some reason the perspective Alarm Status Table takes a long time to show the active alarms but once it does the client crashes and we can’t see data. (Sometimes it crashes directly without showing the active alarms)

An error appears on the Chrome console and the connection with the Gateway turn intermittent leaving us unable to load other views or pages. The Websocket connects and disconnects indefinitely.

Anyone going through the same issue?
Current Gateway version: 8.0.14