Alarm Status Table Display Certain Alarm Journal

I am using Ignition version 8.1.1 and I am using Vision.
I have a project where I have 2 alarm journals set up, Alarm_Journal and Stacker2.
The original project was setting up the control room SCADA with all alarms from the main control PLC showing on the Alarm Status Table on a footer in the clients. The alarm journal for this is Alarm_Journal.

The second part of the project was copying 2 old HMIs (remaking the screens in Ignition) and hooking them into the Ignition SCADA system. Simple enough.

The problem I’ve run into is that in the control room they only want alarms to show up that are in Alarm_Journal. On the 2 HMIs on the floor they only want the alarms for those to show up. They both have the same alarms as each other so I set up an alarm journal called Stacker2. I set up the alarm journals so that Alarm_Journal is filtered by Source and Path to look at a specific PLC, we’ll say PLC1, and Stacker2 if filtered by Source and Path to look at what we’ll call PLC2. I thought that then going into the Vision Property Editor for each alarm status table and setting Journal Name property to either Alarm_Journal or Stacker2 would do what I want.
I seem to have all the alarms showing up on the alarm status table in the control room on the clients and all the alarms showing up on the HMI clients.
Does anyone know how to get the alarms from PLC1 that should be in the alarm journal Alarm Journal to show up only on the alarm status table for the control room and get the alarms from PLC2 that should be in alarm journal Stacker2 to only show up in the alarm journals on the screens for the 2 HMIs?
I do have a client start up script so that each HMI knows to show a certain screen on startup and those screens allow only the HMI screens to be seen by those clients due to not being able to navigate to the whole system screens that can be seen in the control room. I don’t know if that helps or not.

The alarm status table and the alarm journal table components are ‘independent’ of each other - the status table is purely a reflection of the runtime alarm data, and the journal table is purely a reflection of the stored data in the respective journal.

If you need the functionality of the alarm status table (acknowleding, shelving, etc) then I’d recommend duplicating the source/path filter setup you have at the journal level down to the components:

The Journal Name property on the AST is only used when viewing the history for a given alarm within the AST, a seldom-used feature:

How do I get the source/path filter set for the status table?

There should be properties visible - see my first screenshot. Make sure your ‘Property Filter’ is set to ‘All’:

Once I set my Property Filter to All I can see Source Filter, Display Path Filter, and Provider Filter. Thank you. However, when I set my Alarm Status Table with a Source or Display Path filter of PLC1 or PLC2, all the alarms that are active go away. Not just the ones that I don’t want to show up in that table. What am I doing wrong or still missing?

I think I figured it out. I have to set the Display Path on each alarm and on the table in order to get them to work together to display the alarms I want.

Thank you.

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