Alarm Status Table Display Path Character Limit

Good day,

Is there a limit of the amount of characters that an alarm can have in the Display Path column on an Alarm Status Table?

I've seen that if a Display path gets configured (not using the default tag path), and it's more than 60 characters, the alarm doesn't even show up in the alarm status table. When it's changed to have a character count of less than 60, it shows up.

I can't find a property related to the character count/limit on the component, so my question is just if there is a limit and if it is 60?

Note I've tested this on 8.1.28, 8.1.30 and 8.1.31, all with the same result.

Thanks in advance.

That's interesting information; I don't recall reading that anywhere. I tested this on 8.1.18 and 8.1.26, and I was not able to replicate the issue in either case:

There is nothing funny about the alarm configuration. Standard alarm on a UDT, meaning it should be the same for all the instances. But 5 out of 30 didn't show up and exactly those 5 have display paths with the amount of characters being more than 60.

I'm reaching in the dark regarding the character limit, but there is nothing else that's different about those 5 alarms, except the display path length.

Interesting development - I tested it with a test UDT that is as basic as it can be, only with a boolean memory tag that triggers the alarm. That seems to work fine. It's on 8.1.30 in a Vision project.
I'll dig a bit deeper into what might be the cause.

I still don't understand why the 5 alarms showed up after shortening their display paths...

Any errors in the gateway logs?

No errors. Nothing related to the alarms or the component at all.