Alarm Status Table Double click to open new window

I'm in the process of converting a vision project over to perspective and one of the items I'm having a tough time converting is the onDoubleClicked script I created.

Vision contains the parameter 'alarmEvent' which allows me to capture information related to the alarm i've double clicked, use it in a script and subsequently open a new window related to it. When I create an event on the alarmStatusTable object in perspective and try to double click an alarm, nothing happens because the doubeclick function is tied to the alarm status table object itself and not the individual alarm.

I'm new to the perspective side of things so i'm sure there's a good way to go about doing this. Any pointers?

I also want to know how to resolve it......

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maybe there is a problem on your script.
What are you having on your log when you double click ?

First , on Double Click Scripts has self or event ,but can't know which column is DoubleClicked.

Second, I set selection-active-mode as single, I know which column data is DoubleClicked using It's okay.

But, if I set selection-active-mode as multiple, I don't know which data is DoubleClicked.

I think it can't work because, when you double click row selected and deselected the checkbox

Yeah, Is there another way to jump to actualAlarm Page?

Use context menu, right click. In the end, I think this is a better solution as you get more options on where you can navigate to, not just one choice.