Alarm Status Table: Filter Alarm Function


Is it possible to have the Status Alarm Table only display alarms based on user logins and therefore filters to certain areas of the plant?

Our tag structures are broken up into certain areas of the plant and each user has visibility only to dedicated areas.

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The way I would do this is:
Make sure users have roles relevant to their area of the plant.
Make sure alarms have a filterable quality relevant to the plant.
i.e. area ‘alram’ so you can filter alarms like area* on the alarm table.
Then I would bind the filter based on role with an expression.

if  ifuserhasrolea() = area 1
return area 1*

its bad psuedocode and not right the right call, but something along those lines with a few cases depending on how many areas you have. If you need I can write up something better and more accurate