Alarm status table - not updating, hide shelving button

Two questions. I have duplicated a project and the tweaked a few things on the new one but haven’t changed anything related to alarms. I have an alarm status table as a footer on the project. I also have a alarms window with another alarm status table. On the footer I don’t want to show the “header” of the table or the “footer” of the table. On the alarms window I want to hide the shelving button so only the acknowledge button shows. I can’t figure out how the hide the shelving button.

Second question is the alarm status table never populated with anything after I am connected and know I should be seeing alarms. The only way I can get the alarms to show up is to put a new alarm status table in its place. Not the end one of the world but pretty annoying that I have to do that. Is there anyway to not have to create a new one?

Figured it out. There was filtering on that wouldn’t allow for the current cell alarms to be displayed. Once I changed the filtering to the current cell instead of the original one I got the original tables to work. Also once changed the selection to standard from basic in the property editor for the object I was able to see how to hide/show more things